Thrift haul: Rummage sale, April 18

I feel kind of grouchy thinking about this rummage sale even now, because I drove ALL THE WAY up there (almost a half hour away) on the WRONG DAY, and had to turn back and go home empty-handed, all with a cranky 3-year-old in the backseat who really would have rather been playing babies or swinging on the swings that whole time. But I did what any normal person would do, and drove all the way back up there the next day.

Total spent: $2
Cost per piece:  $0.15

Vintage men's brown Western shirt

Keep or sell: Sell
I kind of have a thing for Western shirts. This one is in rough shape; some of the stitching (both the decorative topstitching and the seams themselves) is coming loose, and, like some of the other items I bought, it smells STRONGLY of woodsmoke. But it's also pretty rad. 
Good or bad buy: I think it's a good buy; it should clean up pretty nicely. 

Pink men's Western shirt

Keep or sell: Sell, although it would look smashing on my husband
See above; I love Western shirts. The fabric on this one is absolutely lovely; it's a poly-cotton blend but it feels very soft and smooth while still being substantial. Unlike the brown one, this shirt is in excellent condition. And, real men wear pink, right? 
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's listed in my Etsy store now. 

Gray Gap blazer with satin lapels

Keep or sell: Sell
Believe me, if this fit me, I would be keeping it for sure. The fabric is a super soft sweatshirt knit, and the blazer has a nice slender fit. Plus the satin lapels just really do it for me. This one is heading to consignment in the fall. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy. I feel confident that someone will want to own this. 

Liberty of London for Target halter dress

Keep or sell: Sell
I don't do halter dresses, otherwise I would be sorely tempted to keep this little gem. I got so excited when I saw "Liberty" on the tag that I kind of overlooked the "for Target" part, ha ha. But I still think it's a pretty dress, and nicely made. This one is heading to consignment ASAP. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy; it's a cute summer dress in a larger size. 

Gray wool Brooks Brothers dress

Keep or sell: Sell - ?
I thought this dress was perfect. The fabric is an exquisitely soft, lightweight woven wool; it's beautifully sewn and lined; and it's Brooks Brothers. And ... then I found a moth hole. Right on the front near the waist. So I'm not sure what's going to become of this dress. I may resort to trying to sell it on eBay for very little money, because I'm sure the eagle eyes at my local consignment shop will spot the hole. 
Good or bad buy: Bad buy. Even at 15 cents, it does me no good if I can't sell it (and it's too small for me to wear). 

Pink tiered girls dress

Keep or sell: Keep
Bought this for my daughter. It's a few sizes too big, but it's cute, and she'll grow into it. And I will probably try to sell it after that. I don't blog about it, but a big part of my consignment trade is in kids' clothes. We get a ton of hand-me-downs for her, and anything that isn't horribly stained, I usually attempt to sell before giving to the thrift store. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy, unless my daughter suddenly develops a hatred for pink

Gray linen Gap pants

Keep or sell: Sell
These salt-and-pepper linen trousers look super chic to me. Too bad they're not my size! They're off to the consignment store this weekend. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy — these tick all the boxes (brand, style, condition). 

Banana Republic sweater, trousers and skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
I did this as a collage because, seriously, these are the most basic closet staples imaginable. There's nothing sexy about them. That being said, they are also in nice condition. The sweater and trousers (they're wool) will have to wait until fall, but the pencil skirt is on its way to consignment this weekend. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Bamboo novelty purse

Keep or sell: Sell
How many times have I gone to a rummage sale and forgotten to look through the handbags and accessories? Too many. This time, I got lucky and found this. It is not in great condition, but I figured there will be someone out there whose eyes light up when they see it for sale in my shop. (Now I just have to actually list it ...)
Good or bad buy: Good buy; at this price, I'm OK with it having a few flaws

Etienne Aigner hobo bag

Keep or sell: Sell
I wrote a few weeks ago about how I always find Etienne Aigner at local sales and, sure enough, here it is again. This is a better example of the style, color and quality that I associate with the brand, so I was happy to find it. The inside is a bit grungy, but it's nothing that I can't clean up. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Dolphin print indigo batik scarf

Keep or sell: Sell
So I didn't exactly unfold and inspect this enormous indigo print scarf before buying it. Which is how I wound up with what I described on Instagram as a "peeing dolphins scarf." I am fervently hopeful that my local hippie/alternative consignment store will take it so that I don't have to bear the shame any longer. 
Good or bad buy: Not looking great at the moment, but if I can sell it, all is forgiven

As a side note, remember that today is the last day to enter the Shaped by Style Etsy gift card giveaway ($75, people ... think about how much awesomeness that could buy). And I'm even more excited about the fact that my first style swap post debuts on Monday! I'll post a link to it here, and then I'll be back with another outfit post later in the week. Stay tuned, too, for my next thrift haul post on the weekend, which features an insane selection of vintage dresses that I am still swooning over. 


  1. See, to me that scarf looks like the water is just dripping from the dolphins as they jump from the ocean; it doesn't look like they're peeing! I think it's cute. I love these posts of yours; I've been having so much luck thrifting lately, and you're really inspiring me to keep up with thrift videos because it's so fun seeing what people get! And I have a thing for western style shirts too. And dresses. I found a few vintage western dresses once and I am KICKING myself that I didn't get all three (they were at my local dollar-clothing store) because they were so cute. I got one, though. It looks like overall you got some pretty good finds!

    1. OK, so my reaction to the scarf may have been extreme :) But the print really is a little too "hippie" for me, I think.

      I have got to work up the nerve to try a thrift video one day - I've never done one! Any tips?


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