Scarves Solve Everything: Vintage kerchief + turquoise tunic

Here's something to try the next time you're feeling lousy, and it's hot, and you haven't showered in two days: Tie a colorful scarf around your neck.

It won't make you any less hot, nor will it make your hair clean. It's not deodorant or soap, or sleep, or a healthy meal, or exercise.  

But will it make you feel better? I think it will. It can take your outfit of an oversized T-shirt, stretchy high-waisted pants that you pegged to make them look like capris, and grandma slip-ons, and make you feel cute and chic. 

Color next to the face is my secret weapon for any time I need a boost. For me, it's vibrant, rich color, but maybe for you it's pastels, or a signature shade. Whatever it is, find that color that just makes everything look a little bit better, and tie it around your neck. 

But as a word of warning: if you wear your beautiful scarf to go shopping, and keep it on while trying on clothes, you just may want to buy everything in the store, because the scarf makes everything look better. (Possibly related: Huge thrift audit post coming on Saturday!) 

This whole outfit is no-name, thrifted, except for the slip-ons, which are from Kmart.
Keeping it classy here at BRV HQ, always. 


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