Thrift audit: April 29, Salvation Army

When your husband says, "Do you want to go to the Salvation Army? Everything is 50 percent off," you say yes. Even if you were already there earlier that day. Because it's always a good time to go thrifting.

Looking back on my photos from April, it's pretty clear I had a bit of a dry spell after the magical rummage sale haul. But that's one of the things that makes thrifting so exciting: you never know when your luck is about to turn.

Total spent: $13.30
Items bought: 10
Cost per item: $1.33

White sandals

Keep or sell: Sell
I have a troubled past with buying vintage shoes to sell, by which I mean I NEVER seem to actually sell them. Even the shoes that I have thought would be surefire hits seem to wind up sitting around for ages. So I should just stop buying them. But then I see a pair like this and I literally can't resist them. They're just so wearable and perfect.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I hope. I will price them to sell and keep my fingers crossed.

Yellow girls' dress

Keep or sell: Keep
I tend to go into panic-buying mode at the change of the seasons because I feel like my daughter suddenly has no clothes. So when I find something for less than $1 that's in her size (and her favorite color, to boot), I buy it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy. If I keep it from getting stained (ha!), I may even be able to sell it on consignment next summer.

Pink strapless vintage dress

Keep or sell: Sell
This was a total impulse buy. It was cheap, but it's also got serious issues. The hem is down, and there is some funky stuff going on at the top of the bodice that I don't even understand.
Good or bad buy: Bad buy. I missed prom season and will probably not be able to mend this into something I can sell. (Also: It doesn't fit so I can't even keep it and then dream up excuses to wear a pink strapless gown.)

Pink Willi shirt dress

Keep or sell: Sell
Willi (sometimes Willi of California) is one of my favorite labels to find. I've only ever seen shirt dresses, and they're always impeccable, made from crisp fabric, with dolman sleeves and often with a dropped yoke, both of which seem really flattering to fuller figures. I wish this one had the original belt, but it's still lovely.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Pretty in Pink dress

Keep or sell: Sold!
This dress SO reminds me of the dress from "Pretty in Pink." Maybe it's because it's home-sewn, I don't know, but it just has a Molly Ringwald vibe to it. It's shown here with a belt, but sadly it deteriorated so badly while I was photographing it that I listed it without the belt.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I sold it fairly quickly.

Black-and-white polka dot bolero

Keep or sell: Keep
I totally had a moment with this of, "I didn't know I needed a polka dot bolero until now ... but clearly I do." I haven't worn this yet but I am really looking forward to styling it soon, so watch this space.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, even if it was the most expensive thing I bought!

Brown and gold scarf

Keep or sell: Sell
I stumbled upon a handful of 1960s and 70s scarves in among the linens at the thrift store, and snatched them all up. This one just screams "head scarf" to me — I can see it with a pair of oversized sunglasses, a la Jackie O. This was one of four scarves I featured in a giveaway; it's now available in my Etsy shop.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Pastel silk scarf

Keep or sell: Sell
I absolutely love the print on this one, and the fact that it's silk puts it over the top for me. I was tempted to keep it, but I listed all three of the scarves that weren't chosen by the giveaway winner in my shop.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Gray and white striped scarf

Keep or sell: Gave away
This scarf was the lucky winner in my giveaway, so it will soon be off to its new owner.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Red-white-and-blue scarf

Keep or sell: Sell
This one made such a cute hair bow! I was tempted to keep it, but the color palette is one that I really would not get a lot of use out of, so I listed it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Grade: A-

I'm marking myself down for that cocktail dress, but otherwise I feel good about this trip. I knew what I wanted to do with all of these things, and so far things are working out pretty well. Stay tuned for the next thrift audit, in which I add to my fabric stash and buy a questionable pair of boots ...


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