Thrift Audit: May 15, Church rummage sale, Part I

Lately, I've been playing both sides of the rummage sale game: going first thing when it opens, then doubling back on the second day to scoop up more stuff during the bag sale. So this is Day 1.

Total spent: $6
Items purchased: 12
Price per item: $0.50

As is often the case, I didn't plan well for this rummage sale, and found myself short on cash. I was literally counting my pennies, and wound up borrowing a quarter from my daughter. But I scored a few items from the "free" box, which is always a plus.

Vintage kimono bed jacket

Keep or sell: Sell
Pretty lingerie is always so hard to resist, isn't it? And anything mint green always catches my eye. This one was in lovely condition, so it was easy to say "yes" to.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it is in my Etsy shop and has been getting a lot of views

Vintage house dress/cover-up

Keep or sell: Sell
And here we have my official "why did I buy this?" item. There's one at every sale! Something about this yellow and orange tent dress charmed me in person, but I'm finding that it just looks "blah" in photos. And the more I look at it, the more it seems like a swim cover-up, which makes it seem like it's going to be a harder sell
Good or bad buy: Bad buy

Vintage Hawaiian mod shift dress

Keep or sell: Sell
If I find anything vintage Hawaiian, I buy it. This dress looked kind of lousy (wrinkled and rumpled), but the print is so pretty that I saw it as a diamond in the rough.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it cleaned up nicely

Vintage Hilo Hattie muumuu

Keep or sell: Sell
See above! And this one had the added enticement of being a label I actually recognized (which is saying something, because I am by no means an expert in Hawaiian vintage, much as I am attracted to it).
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it has already sold!

H&M polka dot shrug

Keep or sell: Give away
I found this in the free box and couldn't resist taking it because it's so adorable. However, since it's too small for me, I gave it away to a friend.
Good or bad buy: You can't argue with that price, and I love giving stuff away. I hope my friend likes it!

Vintage tulip print top

Keep or sell: Keep
The print of this one caught my eye — it's hard to tell at a distance, but the background is actually polka dots. I love the dropped yoke and wide fit of this one. It had a small stain on it, which mostly came out in the wash, and it's already become a wardrobe staple.
Good or bad buy: Good 'buy'

Cotton blanket

Keep or sell: Keep
I'm always on the lookout for cotton bedding, especially these nice waffle-knit blankets.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage dress patterns

Keep or sell: Keep
The sewing gods continue to watch over me, this time by providing me with a treasure trove of cute vintage dress patterns in my exact size. I was thinking about selling these or doing a giveaway buuuut I already started one dress and I've got fabric set aside for a second. So ... yeah. Keeping these.
Good or bad buy: Good buy! I would totally wear all of these styles and I'm thrilled to find patterns that will fit me with only minimal alterations.

Not pictured: Raggedy Ann and Andy

I am trying to dissuade my daughter from thinking that she gets a toy at EVERY rummage sale we go to, but you would need a heart of stone to pass up this pair of vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Overall grade: A-

Other than the questionable house dress, I did a good job here finding things I love at great prices. Stay tuned for Day 2 of this rummage sale, plus a day of yard-sale shopping that yielded some real gems ...


  1. Raggedy Anne and Andy were staple childhood toys of mine!
    As always, I love your thrift hauls. I feel like I learn something about thrifting every time I read these posts.

    1. Thanks! It's fun to do these and the process has really made me more thoughtful about my buying process. And, yeah, I COULD NOT resist Raggedy Ann and Andy :)


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