Doing My Best: Houndstooth trousers + print cardigan

When I was taking these pictures, I was imagining myself posting something self-deprecating about how this wasn't my best effort, and that this outfit is on the boring side, and none of it is vintage, and blah blah blah.

But then I thought about a post I just read at The Homemade Pinup (which I just discovered, and if you aren't already a fan, please go check her out!) that really fascinated me and turned my head around. So you know what? I'm not apologizing for this outfit at all.

The truth is, this was absolutely the best outfit I could come up with on this particular day, because I had a lot of other irons in the fire. I would have liked to wear a necklace, but I couldn't find one. I wasn't happy with this top (the neckline always goes wonky), but I wore it anyway. That's how it goes, more often than not. We're all busy, rushing around, trying to do our best, right? So let's stop apologizing for it.

There's always something else we could have done, there's always someone else out there who spent more money on her wardrobe or who actually has that perfect pair of yellow high heels (universe, why haven't you delivered those into my life yet? I'm waiting) or who can put her eyeliner on straight. But we are who we are, and we can do what we can do. As The Homemade Pinup writes, "Sometimes it isn’t possible to do everything. In quintessential forties attitude, I must make do and mend."

I am trying, not just here on the blog, but in general, to stop apologizing so darn much. It's a bad habit, especially for women, to fall into. So, it ends here!

Cardigan: Coldwater Creek
Top: Ann Taylor?
Trousers: Merona
Flats: unknown
All thrifted; total cost to me, about $8


  1. Well, I think your cardie is lovely! And the crinkle-necked top looks romantically -rather than disappointingly - disarranged. And you even have pattern mixing. Looks pretty good to me! ;-)

    1. Thanks! It's a reminder to me that our "failings" usually look quite different in the eyes of others. I read advice the other day to talk to yourself the way you would talk to a dear friend, which I'm trying to take to heart (hence, "no more apologies!")

  2. I have also been trying to stop apologizing for everything recently and it is quite difficult! I'm also working on not putting the word "just" in front of everything I say. It's amazing the number of times I discredit myself before I even finish my sentence. It is pretty empowering to leave out the "just" or "sorry".

    Also, those pants are fantastic! I really like how your lipstick matches your cardigan too. And finally, the second to last picture stopped me in my tracks; you look gorgeous!

    1. Oh, yes, "just" is another one that slips in there all the time for me! It IS definitely empowering to leave it off. Here's another exercise that sounds kind of stupid: replace "but" with "and." It turns everything around and makes the impossible seem possible. Kind of gimmicky but it really helps me at times!

      Thanks for your kind words - I just altered these pants so they actually fit my waist and I am loving them. This is my first go of wearing my new purple lipstick and I'm in love with it! It is probably not a "summer" shade but I just don't care :)


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