Easy Going: Striped T + overalls dress

Simple is not usually my thing. But every now and then I'll fall for a more pared-down outfit, which was the case here.

I bought this denim pinafore dress back in February and despaired of ever wearing it because it was so loose. But then I thought, "Why couldn't I belt this?" And sure enough, I can.

I am always a little bit envious of people who dress this way all the time — minimal, effortless, classic. And I could see my style evolving to include more of this. But I'm not going to be going all capsule-wardrobe on you any time soon. Nope, I love wearing crazy stuff a little too much.

In an effort to make this outfit seem a little classier, I chose these nude peep-toe platform heels that are, sadly, TOTALLY FALLING APART now. I think I wore them twice before they bit the dust. There is still hope that Superglue will save them, but I'm skeptical.

Aaand once I again I kind of forgot to wear makeup. This is usually how it goes with me. Then I look at the pictures later (or get to work) and go, "Oh, right. Lipstick! That would have been good." (This is why I keep lipstick in my purse.)

But, lipstick or not, I felt pretty bad-ass in this outfit. It was just the right combination of comfort and style to put me at ease. There is something to be said for this whole effortless chic thing after all, I suppose.

All thrifted (top is H&M)
Total cost about $5


  1. I love this! It is different to see you in something with no color, but I think the fact that it's a denim jumper makes up for that. Also, I don't think I've ever noticed your freckles before and I LOVE them. You're so pretty without makeup, too! (Things that are nice about not wearing makeup -- no lipstick marks, no reapplying, no worries about getting your face wet or crying off mascara, no weird mottled foundation at the end of a hot day... the list is endless...)

    1. Thanks Kristina! I think I only have freckles in the summer, so it's no wonder you haven't noticed them before. It's so funny to me to acknowledge that there are certain things (hair, skin, body hair) that I totally feel like, "The world just has to deal with me the way I am!" about, and other things (ahem my tummy) that I will go to ANY LENGTH to conceal. There is no rhyme or reason/right or wrong about it! But yeah, I love not wearing makeup for all the reasons you've listed ... I don't think I've worn foundation since I was in junior high with the exception of being in a play. Including on my wedding day! (There may have been some powder, though.) And I literally never wear mascara, because I rub my eyes ALL the time and it's just a bad scene, ha ha. But I am so in awe of the makeup tutorials and looks that you do, and often think, "She looks so beautiful and that looks like so much fun!"

  2. This outfit is great on you! I find your commentary really funny, as you consider this a simple classic outfit, whereas I find it to be a pretty distinct vintage outfit of the kind that needs just the right attitude to pull off. You've got it!

    1. Ha! I guess it's all relative, right? I guess what I was saying is that I tend to over-do it with accessories and gravitate toward super-bright, loud colors. So for me, this is "simple" :)


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