Gypsy Woman: Vintage leather vest + midi skirt

Sometimes when it's the height of summer, I like to dress as if it's October. Case in point, this outfit.

The inspiration for this came to me a la Newton's apple. I was moving some things around in my closet, and this skirt fell on my head. I took this as a sign, not that I should clean my closet (ha!), but that I should wear this skirt, which I bought on a whim some time earlier this spring and have worn ... maybe never.

And, the reason I was rummaging around in my closet (other than the fact that this is how I get dressed every morning, making me wish I had Cher Horowitz's closet) was so I could find something to wear with this black suede vest, which I also bought on a whim earlier this year. (Are you sensing a theme here? I should just have titled this post "Emily's Dubious Thrift Choices.")

So I ended up with an outfit that is pretty far outside the bounds of my usual style, but one I enjoyed wearing. The skirt length, in particular, is longer than pretty much anything I ever wear — I'm always up for showing off my legs, especially since I don't have a lot of curves on top to balance out a longer silhouette.

Whole outfit is thrifted
Total cost to me, about $9


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