Thrift Audit: Church rummage sale, May 31

The only thing better than a church rummage sale ... nah, there's nothing. There just isn't.

This sale was a total repeat of the last one I blogged about — went up on Day 1, didn't bring enough money, wound up going back for the bag sale and buying EVERYTHING. (No regrets.)

Total spent: $11.50
Items purchased: 31
Cost per item: $0.376

Vintage cobalt blue blazer

Keep or sell: Keep
I am kind of obsessed with cobalt right now. In the fall it was olive green; now it's cobalt. This blazer fits nicely and is in great shape, so it's staying with me
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I kind of fall in and out of love with blazers as a wardrobe staple, but I know it will get worn

Vintage jean jacket

Keep or sell: Sell
Granted, it's got someone's name written in HUGE letters inside the collar ... but other than that, it's pretty cute.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage cobalt wrap skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
After selling a couple wrap skirts in quick succession, it seemed like a good idea to buy another one (you can't argue with that logic, right?)
Good or bad buy: Good buy — although I haven't actually listed it yet

Green/white striped tank top

Keep or sell: Sell
This super-soft tank caught my eye with its bright colors. It was stain-free and a decent brand (although I don't remember what, and I can't tell from the tag), so into my bag it went.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I got it to the consignment store in the nick of time before they stopped accepting spring/summer items!

Vintage T-shirt with white stripe

Keep or sell: Sell ...?
I really love 1970s/80s knits with a little bit of substance so that they float away from the body, rather than clinging. I love the turnback sleeves and the square neckline of this one, too. Very tempting to keep it, but I certainly don't need it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — if I manage to sell it! 

Sea green BCBG cashmere/lambswool sweater

Keep or sell: Sell
If it has any cashmere in it, and no moth holes, I buy it, pretty much. This sweater is a teeeeny bit pilly, but otherwise lovely; I hope my consignment store will take it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage white dirndl skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
Simple and pretty white cotton skirt — basically, if you don't already have this in your wardrobe, you should! (I wish I did, but this one is too small for me.)
Good or bad buy: Good buy

1980s vintage skirt with appliques

Keep or sell: Sell
Those TRIANGLES, though. Why were triangles so ubiquitous in the late 80s/early 90s?
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's got some kitsch value, while still actually being wearable. 

Vintage white shirt with lace and ruffle

Keep or sell: Sell
I wish I were better at judging fabric content, because I think this might be silk, but I've been fooled before by synthetics. At any rate, it's lovely.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Floral print Indian cotton tunic

Keep or sell: Sell
I was tempted to keep this, but I realized pretty quickly it would be the sort of thing I'd wear once, and then it would sit in the back of my closet for a year. So off to the consignment store it went.
Good or bad buy: Good buy. 

Pink silk Gap girls' dress

Keep or sell: Sell
Did not get this in to my local consignment store before the spring/summer cutoff, so it's got to sit around until, like, FEBRUARY now. Grumph.
Good or bad buy: Probably a good buy, but I hate having to store it for so long. May look for another outlet to sell it. 

Tie-dye tank with velvet trim

Keep or sell: Sell
I love the fact that, even in our relatively small town, we have a range of consignment stores catering to different audiences. This one is a perfect fit for what I lovingly call the "hippie" consignment store, which features a blend of contemporary consignment, vintage and also handmade goods. The place reeks of Nag Champa and, yes, occasionally one hears the Grateful Dead upon entering (perhaps my least favorite, ever). But this tank top is perfect for them! So off it goes.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, although I doubt I will make much money off it

Yellow cardigan

Keep or sell: ??
I am actually remembering, as I look at this photo, that I was going to potentially keep this cardigan in exchange for a too-big yellow one I have now. So, to be continued.
Good or bad buy: Good buy either way — I am sure I can sell it if it doesn't fit. 

Vintage print housedress

Keep or sell: Sell
As I wrote on Instagram, "I have no words for the print on this housedress other than 'crazy.'" How would you even describe it? "Patchwork print?" It's nuts, so naturally I bought it.
Good or bad buy: Honestly, probably a bad buy. It's kinda weird, plus it's home-sewn and a bit wonky. 

Vintage tribal woven blazer

Keep or sell: Sell
One of those "This is not my style, but it will be someone's style" purchases. I try to stick with stuff that fits my aesthetic, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and this one was screaming "Buy me."
Good or bad buy: I think it's a good buy

Floral (x2) and red fabric

Keep or sell: Keep/sell
There was actually a great selection of vintage fabric at this sale, but on Day 1 I had to limit myself to only one selection because of lack of funds, and on Day 2 (the bag sale), there wasn't much left, sadly. I am planning to make a little A-line shift dress out of the first piece of fabric, and a dirndl skirt ouf of the red stuff. But the middle fabric is leaving me a little meh, so I think I'm going to sell it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy! I adore the floral print that I'm keeping, and I have really been wanting a red skirt, so I'm well pleased. 

Red oversized kerchief

Keep or sell: Keep
Do I need another red floral kerchief? Certainly not. But this one was just irresistible. It's huge (you could wear it as a proper shawl), soft, and gorgeous. You can see it in action in this post.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, sort of. I honestly have one that's VERY similar so I feel a little ashamed about this one. 

Vintage gray clutch

Keep or sell: Sell
How cute is this little guy? If clutches didn't enrage me, I would totally keep it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Gray/white checked mod dress

Keep or sell: Sell
Why doesn't it fit me? That's all I have to say.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — you can see my friend Jessica looking awesome in it here

Vintage cobalt blue jumpsuit

Keep or sell: Sell
I have yet to take the jumpsuit plunge, but I always admire them when I see them on other people. This one is small for me, or else I probably would have given it a test drive.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, because jumpsuits. It's in the shop now

Vintage navy dress with batik print

Keep or sell: Sell, sort of
This dress is a real stunner. I figured it was 70s until I saw the label and then I realized it was probably more like 50s/early 60s. It's absolutely gorgeous and so lightweight, perfect for summer.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I would up trading this dress with a friend for a portrait session with my daughter! Best barter deal EVER. 

Vintage juniors' pink mini dress

Keep or sell: Sell
Items like this are tough for me to list. It's a juniors' size, so a kid/teen could wear it, but it could also totally be worn by a petite adult. I just have to hope its cuteness (and pinkness) will shine through the confusion, because it's pretty adorable.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, as long as buyers can find it! 

Vintage rose print romper

Keep or sell: Sell
Like jumpsuits, I just haven't worked up the gumption to wear a romper yet (I mean, not since like seventh grade. When there were DEFINITELY some rompers happening). This is not really my style, but it seemed like something I could sell.
Good or bad buy: Good buy? I always doubt myself when it's not something I personally love. We'll see. 

Vintage satin and velvet gown with crinoline

Keep or sell: Sell
This dress did not photograph very well, but it's GORGEOUS. The neckline and belt are rich navy blue velvet, and check out the crinoline:

Good or bad buy: Good buy! I never find vintage like this, so I'm stoked

Vintage blue pull-on dress

Keep or sell: ???
I always buy dresses like this because they're just so darn easy. Easy to wear, easy to care for, easy to dress up or down. I can't resist. I have this same dress in green and ... yeah, I might keep this one. We'll see.
Good or bad buy: It's not like I need this dress, and it's not like I'll make a lot of money on it. So, honestly, not a good buy. 

Vintage white eyelet peplum dress

Keep or sell: Sell
So sweetly 80s! Wear it to the school dance with your best jelly shoes.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, because 80s/peplum

Vintage home-sewn rose-print dress

Keep or sell: Sold
This dress is another stunner. The cut and colors make it just absolutely lovely. I listed it pretty cheaply, and it sold in literally an hour, which never happens. Which of course made me have seller's regret and get mad at myself for not asking more money for it. But hey, a sale's a sale!
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage peach gown and jacket

Keep or sell: Sell
I honestly cannot figure out if this is lingerie or a bridesmaid's dress. The 70s, man.
Good or bad buy: Not a good buy if I don't even know what it is!

Overall grade: A-

Keep/sell percentage: 19% keep / 81% sell

This was a truly great haul. I am especially pleased to have already listed (and sold) some of it! As always, I picked up a few duds, but most of what I bought is sellable, I spent wisely and I'm only planning to keep a few pieces. Stay tuned for at least one actual outfit post this week, maybe two if I'm feeling jaunty, and another thrift haul next weekend ... 


  1. I let out a little gasp when I saw how big this haul was. I continue to enjoy reading your hauls :)

    1. :) :) It was an exciting day (well, two days, actually)! Finding fabric at a rummage sale is just like the cherry on top of a great day of shopping.


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