Thrift Audit: Salvation Army, June 12

Is it really possible that I went all the way from May 31 to June 12 without thrifting anything? It's possible, I suppose ... and it does also explain why I went completely insane at the Salvation Army.

So my usual rules for thrift shopping are simple: 1. Don't spend more than a couple bucks on anything; 2. Buy for resale above all else; and 3. No impulse buys.

And I pretty much broke all three rules during this shopping trip. In my defense, everything was 50 percent off. But I still managed to spend way too much!

Total spent: About $18
Items purchased: 6
Cost per item: About $3

Vintage madras plaid sundress

Keep or sell: Sold
This is practically the only sensible purchase I made on the entire outing, so I figured I'd lead off with it. I sold a few similar dresses last summer, and this one has a cute lace-up back that also makes it able to fit a range of sizes, which I figured would be a selling point. I shipped it off to England this week!
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage plus-size geometric print dress

Keep or sell: Sell
I have been as guilty as the next seller of listing garments as "plus-size" that are really more just like a size L/XL. But this dress is legit, I think it's a size 20 or 22 in contemporary sizing, so I feel comfortable using the "plus-size" label (which I know is still problematic in its own way).
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I had been stalking this dress for a while because of the pretty print. It looks like the skirt was altered to be shorter at some point, but it still seems in good overall condition.

Chambray scoop-neck dress

Keep or sell: Keep
I blame eShakti for this purchase. You see, I had been window shopping the site the night before this shopping trip, trying to figure out how to use a $30 coupon and failing (it's a long story), and kind of fell in love with a chambray full skirt. So when I saw this full-skirted dress, I figured it was fate, and bought it.
Good or bad buy: It's a little low-cut and a little shorter than what I would normally wear. But it is cute, and I did get compliments on it when I wore it to work.

Mustard wool A-line skirt

Keep or sell: Keep
I got hoodwinked by this skirt, which was one of the few things in the store that WASN'T on sale, meaning I paid a whopping $7 for it. But I had already fallen in love with it at that point, so it was too late.
Good or bad buy: Probably a good buy, even though I still cringe at how much I paid for it. But it's in wonderful shape, it fits well (hallelujah) and it's well-made so it should last. Plus, I love it.

Off-white lace cardigan

Keep or sell: Keep
I had just been musing about how it would be nice to have a white lace cardigan when the universe delivered this into my shopping cart. Who am I to stand in the way of fate?
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Embellished ankle strap sandals

Keep or sell: Keep
This was one of those things where you go, "I don't need these shoes. I definitely don't need these shoes. I have like 10 pairs of brown shoes. I certainly don't need another pair of brown sandals." And then you put the shoes into your shopping cart anyway.
Good or bad buy: Honestly, yeah, I don't NEED another pair of brown shoes ... but I really like these. They're soft and comfortable while still looking cute (unlike my huaraches which kind of kill my feet). I'm sure they'll fall apart by the end of summer, because they're from Forever 21, but SO BE IT.

Overall grade: C

Keep vs. sell percentage:

60% to keep / 40% to sell

Sure, I picked up a few good things, but I spent too much, and I bought things for myself that I didn't need. For shame! 


  1. Self control is killer when it comes to thrifting! At least you got a few good things to sell.

    1. Yeah, I feel like I could never go on a total "fashion diet" because I go shopping almost every week for my shop, and then how can I pass up great stuff for myself? Gotta work on that ... :)


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