Preppy Casual: Red skinnies + cobalt blazer

Here's how to make jeans and a T-shirt work-appropriate in three easy steps:

1. Blingiest statement necklace

2. Well-fitting blazer (please disregard my RBF):

3. Expensive loafers

Here's the outfit without the blazer:

Aaand that's why I kept my blazer on all day at work.

If I had it to do over, I would add 4. Makeup and 5. Do Something With That Hair, but obviously on this particular day I couldn't be bothered.

Necklace: Gift
Gap skinny jeans, loafers, vintage blazer: thrifted
T-shirt: W*lmart (for shame!)
Total cost to me: About $7


  1. Fab loafers! What a great outfit.

    1. Thanks! I have got to find more outfits to wear these loafers with, they are super comfy. But they don't really fit in with my usual style, so it's tough.

  2. It's amazing what a nicely tailored garment will do for the overall look of an outfit! And I looove that necklace. And your hair. I think your hair is fantastic whether you fuss with it or not! (Also, freckles!)


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