Thrift Audit: Aug. 3, Salvation Army

Whew, what a couple of weeks! But fear not, I'm back with another thrift audit, because as busy as I get at work, I always manage to find time to drop by the Salvation Army for some retail therapy.

Items purchased: 14
Total spent: $20.15
Cost per item: $1.44

Two consecutive weeks of more than $1 per item! I gotta step up my game. But I did find some good stuff, as you'll see:

BCBG gold and black cocktail dress

Keep or sell: ??
I was so excited about this dress, because it's super cute (yes, that is my daughter's tiny finger pointing at the "shiny sparkles" on the skirt). But I broke the cardinal rule of thrifting — Always Inspect the Merchandise — and realized after I brought it home that the sides are COMPLETELY shredded. So this one's going in my mending bag, and I have a feeling it's going to become a refashion project of some kind (although, it's like a size 4 so it will be interesting to see what I can do with it).
Good or bad buy: Bad buy! I should never buy unwearable clothes without a game plan

Black and white asymmetric hem dress

Keep or sell: Sell
I've been going back and forth with myself about whether this is vintage or not, and I haven't yet reached a conclusion. But on the bright side, it's absolutely beautiful — I love the inset panels of the skirt
Good or bad buy: Good buy — if I can't verify its age, I feel like I can definitely sell it on consignment in the spring.

Vintage violet satin dress

Keep or sell: Sell
Have been stalking this one for weeks! Something about the vivid color of the satin, plus the waistband lace detail (which also has a navy ribbon run through it that ties in the back, by the way), just does it for me. Now I just have to work up the courage to iron it ...
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Men's T-shirts x 3

Keep or sell: Keep
Not wanting to bore you completely, I condensed these three basic cotton Ts into one item here. They're for my husband; he needed some new T-shirts. The funny thing is, when I shop for him, I throw all my rules out the window (I have even been known to pay retail prices for him! Horrors), so I paid like THREE OR FOUR DOLLARS EACH for these. Crazy, right?
Good or bad buy: Good buy, if they fit. If not I'm totally turning them into dresses for my daughter, ha ha.

Vintage kelly green sheer scarf

Keep or sell: Keep
So, let's just admit it: I have a scarf problem. It hasn't been too much in evidence in recent weeks, but ... yeah. I just see them and convince myself that OF COURSE I need a kelly green scarf. Right?
Good or bad buy: I don't even know! I mean, I will probably wear it. I guess I better wear it!

Thread and zippers

Keep or sell: Some of both
Seriously, it is like the universe WANTS me to sew. This peach zipper is the exact color of some fabric I thrifted when I was visiting my parents out in Oregon. But I am still playing with the idea of launching a side shop to sell sewing and knitting goodies.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I mean, it's not like thread is expensive. But I still paid less for them here than I would at my local W*lmart.

Vintage rose print fabric

Keep or sell: Sell
I love this big, bold floral print, but realized immediately that it's not for me — this one is definitely going in the "sell" pile.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's a lovely fabric for basically pennies.

Vintage red calico fabrics

Keep or sell: Sell
I saw these two fabrics together — there is about a yard of the fabric on the right, and several yards of the fabric on the left — and immediately envisioned a super crazy peasant dress, with the larger print on the bodice and the smaller print on the skirt and sleeves. I was enamored of the idea for, like, a week, before I realized that as awesome as it sounded, I would probably never wear it. So I'm letting the fabric go.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think, once I figure out how I want to sell it!

Keep vs. sell ratio:
Keep 9 / Sell 5
Overall grade: C-

Way too much hesitation and uncertainty in this shopping trip! There's hardly anything here that I can just quickly turn around to sell. And I paid too much for everything, boo. But my luck is turning around! Stay tuned next week for a much more frugal and fortuitous thrift haul, and in the meantime, feel free to make me an offer on anything pictured above!


  1. How many yards are there in that vintage rose fabric? Because that is TOTALLY my jam, and if there's enough of it I would definitely buy and use it! It's gorgeous!

    Heh, and I am the SAME way about shopping for my husband -- for me, I'm really critical and cheap. For my shop, pretty much the same although I have made exceptions. For my husband... well, maybe because he's pickier than I am about how things look, I am not as frugal. Also he buys less than I do, so there's that...

    1. There's about 3.5 yards of the rose fabric (at 35 inches wide), and it is SOOOO soft and lovely! It's a pretty substantial cotton (i.e. not sheer or see-through). Make me an offer and it's yours!


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