Thrift Audit: July 27, Salvation Army

I'm SLIPPING, people. You'll see why in a minute.

Total spent $20.15
Items purchased: 10
Cost per item: $2.01

I really have no explanation or excuse for this exorbitant rate of spending! Well, OK, I do, and I can explain it in four words: Purse, shoes, jewelry, fabric. If I stick to clothes, I can usually do OK, but when I veer off into things that aren't 49 cents, that's where I get into trouble.

Downeast Basics floral wrap dress

Keep or sell: Sell
This dress is new with tags, and I misread the tag to say that the dress retailed for more than $100. Turns out it's more like ... $30. But anyway, a) it's pretty and b) it's brand new. So it should be worth something come spring.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — just not as good as I initially thought

Loft maternity sundress

Keep or sell: Sell
This is one of those maternity dresses that you could TOTALLY get away with wearing even if you aren't pregnant.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — decent-looking maternity clothes always seem to sell well.

Purple print chiffon dress

Keep or sell: Sell
One day, all these exposed-zipper baby-doll dresses are going to look SUPER outdated. Until then, I'm going to keep buying and re-selling them. So, let me know when this trend is completely dead, OK?
Good or bad buy: Good buy (for now at least!)

Vintage Edwardian revival gown

Keep or sell: Sell
There is just something about the covered buttons, the high neck and the deliciously satiny polyester that just screamed "Buy me!" So I did. Even though it kiiiiinda looks like a choir robe.
Good or bad buy: I honestly don't know. I've listed it, so I guess we'll see.

Vintage hot pink jumpsuit

Keep or sell: Sell
Speaking of trends that may be on their way out — I just, out of habit, buy any vintage jumpsuit that looks to be in decent condition and is affordable. But ones like this, I have to stop and ask myself, Who would actually wear this?
Good or bad buy: Not sure

Vintage black and gold lace gown

Keep or sell: Sell
This dress, on the other hand, was a no-brainer. It's absolutely stunning, and almost timeless — it appears to be from the 90s, but there is a definite 60s vibe to it that could easily be played up.
Good or bad buy: Good buy (it's listed here)

Vintage woven leather peep toe heels

Keep or sell: Sell
Give me a pair of pretty 70s heels, and I'm happy. These ones have just the right vamp, and are sexy while still also being pretty low-key.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, except that summer is on its way out. Nevertheless, I listed them already

Vintage floral butterfly cuff bracelet

Keep or sell: Sell
This bracelet is pretty over-the-top, but in an amazingly fabulous way. I mean, if you're into daisies, butterflies, bows and rhinestones, this is totally your jam, am I right?
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's listed here

Vintage gold purse with chain strap

Keep or sell: Sell
Usually when I see purses that look like this, they're generic, Made-in-China contemporary versions. But this one is vintage for sure, although I'll have to do a bit more research to determine a likely era.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, if I can learn a little more about it.

Vintage floral cotton fabric

Keep or sell: Keep
I can't stop buying fabric, you guys. I am DEFINITELY going to have to start listing some of it to sell, but I can't decide if I want to put it up for sale in my Etsy shop, do a sale on Instagram, launch a second Etsy shop, or what. So for now I'm just hoarding. This fabric, though, is well on its way to being a skirt, which I hope to share some time next week.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Overall grade: C

I got some good stuff, and am only keeping one item, which is good — but I spent way too much for things that are not that extraordinary. Stay tuned for next week when I kind of do the same thing all over again!


  1. Now that I have my sewing machine and a baby girl to sew for, I CANNOT resist the fabric section at my local Goodwill. They have some really good fabrics, and I just got 9 yards of this fantastic pink floral for $7. (That's 77 cents a yard, if you are counting.) I cannot WAIT to make myself and her some matching dresses or something! And then I got some good green floral fabric that I've already made a table runner out of (easiest thing ever), and that mushroom print fabric from my last thrift haul video is already halfway made into pot holders.
    Buuut I do have some Doctor Who fabric I need to make into a skirt, some fabric I'm making a gift for someone out of that I haven't even started on, a few different fabrics I want to make the baby dresses out of...
    So I definitely relate on the whole "I buy too much fabric" thing. But I feel pretty accomplished for at least getting a few things semi made.

    1. It feels like a vicious cycle to me; the more I make, the more fabric I want to buy. It doesn't help that my local Salvation Army recently got a HUGE stash of vintage fabric ... I'm waiting for some of it to go on sale but the prints are just SO. GOOD. The deal you got sounds amazing! I have been dreaming about matching dresses for me and my girl too :) I'm working on a post about a super quick refashion I did for her of one of my old dresses that was too small. It was SO fun and instant gratification - I had it done in just a couple hours, and this is coming from someone who took like 2 weeks to sew a simple dirndl skirt. So for someone with more experience and patience it would probably take, like, 20 minutes!

    2. Ugh, I know; when my local thrift stores get good fabric I just... want to buy it all even if I don't have plans to make anything. It's so bad!

      I can't wait to see the refashion! That would be a fun thing to do for MY baby girl once she's big enough!!!


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