Beauty and the Binky | Shaped by Style double whammy

After reading Kristina's guest post over at Beauty and the Binky, I was feeling bold and emailed Jaclyn to ask if I could participate as well. What do you know, she said yes! You can read her interview with me here. Thanks, Jaclyn, for giving me this opportunity to talk a little bit about my life as a working/blogging mom!

And, I've got a new post up at Shaped by Style, as well, featuring this perfect cherry print dress that I swapped with Kristina. (Whose daughter, by the way, made her arrival this weekend!)

I hope you'll check out both these sites (if you haven't already). Your regularly scheduled programming of outfit posts should resume this week, and I'm also getting ready to launch a mini series of interviews with other bloggers (including Jaclyn herself!) Finally, today is the last day for my Labor Day sale on Etsy — you can use the coupon code JUSTFORYOU to save 30 percent off any purchase of $10 or more. (That means you can buy two items from the $5 sale section and only pay $7!) Hope everyone here in the states is enjoying the last of the three-day weekend ...


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