Long Lines: Black skirt + dress as top

I have this thing with black skirts. At last count, I think I tallied up about six of them ... and yet, I NEVER wear them.

So when a friend gifted me this narrow black maxi, I felt like, OK, I've got to give this a go. 

But, why is it so hard sometimes to wear black? I mean, black is supposed to go with everything, right? And yet I hardly ever find myself reaching for the black pants, black skirt or black sweater that I used to wear all the time. 

That being said, I felt kind of sassy and sexy in this outfit — I loved the long, lean line of the skirt with the slightly draped fit of this top (which is really a dress, as seen here). Also ... don't mind the pile of shoes in the background there. Just avert your gaze.

I wasn't 100 percent happy with this look (or these pictures, which are all blurry, boo), but I do give myself points for trying out a different silhouette than what I would normally wear. And for managing to wear one of my kazillion black skirts! What do you have too much of in YOUR wardrobe?

Dress-as-top: TJ Maxx, gift
Black maxi skirt: Hand-me-down
White belt: old
Coral sandals: Kmart, gift
Bangle: Thrifted
Total cost to me: About $7


  1. This outfit looks killer on you!
    My problem is wearing too much black! Black and gray is my comfort zone, so it is my brighter pieces (vintage lemon yellow dress etc.) that sit in my closet without wear.

    1. I definitely used to be that way! I feel like blogging has made me more bold in what I wear.

  2. You do look sexy! It's funny how people always equate "sexy" with "lots of skin" but personally I think sexiness is ALL about how the person wearing the clothes feels! And also this silhouette definitely has something to it; the leanness and the cinched waist definitely lend to that. And I LOVE that shirt/dress. It's so stripey and perfect!


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