Hating on Fall: Oatmeal cardigan + white cords

Here's the thing: I hate fall.

"I cannot abide this season, when the life seems to be slipping out of everything to be replaced by darkness and dry husks of matter," I wrote a few years ago in a column about how fall always makes me think of death (I mean, who wouldn't want to click that link).

I may be cozying up in this huge wool sweater, but that doesn't mean I'm enjoying it. In fact, when the weather turned (it was 18 DEGREES here the other night, people), all I could think was, "Ugh, this is how my body is going to feel for the next six months and I can't deal with it."

I don't like being bundled up. I don't like layering. I don't like pumpkins or fall leaves or Pumpkin Spice anything. I don't like that crisp fall air that everyone's always going on about. I hate it. I want to be warm.

This is me giving fall the side-eye. Because, fall, I see right through you. I know you are just standing in, briefly, for your evil and sadistic cousin winter. I am not fooled for a minute. You can take your crunchy leaf piles and your cornstalks (seriously, decorating with dead cornstalks? What even is that) and shove them up your pumpkin pie-hole. If you need me, I'll be over here counting down the days until spring.

Cardigan, blouse (Liz Claiborne? I think), cords (St. John's Bay) and shoes (Dr. Scholl's).
This is basically the most old-lady-brands outfit ever. 


  1. While I am a fall lover myself (I love being cozy with a cup of hot chocolate, but still having days with sunshine), that article really got me. My brother died unexpectedly in May and I have been feeling a lot of what you mentioned in your article. This time of year is especially hard because his birthday was in September and he loved fall. I think that I will try to take your advice and make sure that I appreciate the people that I love who are still living.

    I hope winter isn't so bad this year, because as much as I love fall, I hate winter.

    1. I'm sorry to hear of your loss - I can't imagine how tough that must be. Grief is a sneaky bastard and can knock us back when we least expect it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts -


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