Thrift audit: Rummage sale, Sept. 10

Rules are meant to be broken, right? Because I totally broke one of my cardinal rules with this thrift haul. But there's a really good reason for it.

Total spent: $10
Items purchased: 6
Cost per item: $1.66

So this particular rummage sale was at a public housing for elderly and disabled people. Everything was by donation. And when the guy behind the cash box looked me in the eye and said, "Please just give whatever you can — all the money goes to support programs for our residents," I pretty much just emptied out my wallet into his hands.

Tribal print fleece jacket

Keep or sell: Sell
I sold a virtually identical jacket several months ago, so I'm hoping lightning will strike twice.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage high-waisted corduroy shorts

Keep or sell: Sell
These shorts are super soft, almost like velvet, but it's a really fine-wale corduroy.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Gray Levi's chinos

Keep or sell: Sell
I think I bought these with the idea that my husband might wear them, but they are neither a cut nor a size that he's likely to wear, so off to consignment they go.
Good or bad buy: Not very well thought out, but I think it will work out in the end.

Vintage suede knit jacket

Keep or sell: Sell
If I see one of these jackets at an affordable price, I buy it. I think I have 3 or 4 waiting to be listed right now (plus one already in my shop). They're just a classic, and this one in particular is in really good shape.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage off-white crocheted fringed shawl

Keep or sell: Sell
This, too, is the twin of an item I already have listed. But if one is good, two are better, right? (Or something.)
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage pink cotton skirt with matching belt

Keep or sell: Sell
It's rare enough to find belts with the dresses I buy, but I am pretty sure this is the first time I've scored a skirt with a matching belt intact! That being said, the skirt is nothing remarkable, and I probably should have passed on it.
Good or bad buy: Not a great buy

Keep vs. sell: 
100% sell!
Overall grade: B

There are a few treasures here, and I really can't be mad at myself for paying a bit more than usual. One of the things I like about thrifting is being able to give my money to causes I can support, as opposed to soulless corporations that run sweatshops.


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