Thrift Audit: Rummage sale, Sept. 25

Mid- to late September is a crazy time for rummage sales around here. I actually had a schedule of them written out that I kept in my wallet because I was worried about missing some! But after all the hype, I didn't end up actually buying that much at any of them.

Items purchased: 6
Total spent: $8.50
Cost per item: $1.42

My cost per item was a little high, mostly because of one thing:

Vintage blue gown with rhinestone belt buckle

Keep or sell: Sell
Isn't she dreamy? I love the belt/wrap detail and the pleated skirt.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it was $5, but I feel like it was worth it

Home-sewn floral sundress

Keep or sell: Sell ...?
The print of this dress isn't my usual style, but I love the cut so much that I'm at least going to try this on before selling it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's very cute and wearable, although it will have to wait until spring.

Anne Klein orange shirt dress

Keep or sell: Sell
I love the color and cut of this dress, as well, and am purposefully not even going to let myself check to see if it fits! It's in lovely condition, and I feel confident that I can sell it on consignment come spring (the fabric is pretty lightweight).
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Zippers and elastic

Keep or sell: Both
This kind of stuff is only exciting if you sew. But since I do, I was thrilled to find some like-new elastic, and a mess of vintage zippers. I'm keeping the elastic and selling some of the zippers (you can see some of them here) because, well, there's probably a limit to how many zippers I need. Right?
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's cheaper than buying new, and the less money I spent on this completely frivolous hobby, the better

Vintage kids' cowboy boots

Keep or sell: Keep
I snagged these thinking they might be good for a Halloween costume for my daughter. Turns out they're a little large for this year, but I'm keeping them around for fun/dress-up.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — they're actually nice, well-made boots, if a little scuffed up, so she could actually wear them out of the house.

Overall grade: A

No major missteps here. I don't feel bad at all for picking up some sewing notions on the cheap, and I really do feel like the gorgeous blue gown is worth the slightly higher price tag. Stay tuned next week for a rummage sale that yielded some fun fabrics! 


  1. It's so funny how different our price points are -- to me, anything under $10 is worth it (although usually I put stuff back if it's more than $5), but my local thrift stores rarely price clothing cheaper than $2 (except for my favorite $1 store) so finding things under $10 is okay to me. But that blue dress! SO pretty!
    And I need to hunt for sewing notions at thrift stores -- I'm kind of hoping I can find some knitting needles there so I can start knitting (teaching myself via YouTube) especially since I have some really pretty thrifted yarn that I could at least try making scarves from!
    Hannah actually sent me a dress REALLY similar to that blue one -- only it has sheer sleeves and rhinestones around the collar. I'm hoping to wear it soon!

    1. Yeah, my definitions of "cheap" and "expensive" have definitely changed since a) moving to this town and b) going to so many bag sales! I'm definitely spoiled. I feel like it's just in my nature to look for the lowest possible price, which is not always a good thing, but it has definitely helped me not over-spend on things for my shop.


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