Thrift audit: Salvation Army, Sept. 12

Oh, 49-cent day. I can't quit you.

Clearly not an epic haul, but a good one nonetheless, and much more cost-effective than my previous outing.

Total spent: $5.50
Items purchased: 6
Cost per item: $0.91

Item title

Keep or sell: Sell
This pretty little shirt dress is super-soft, lightweight cotton — it would be a dream come summertime. Size is in the 0/2 range.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, for spring consignment.

Goldenrod tunic shirt

Keep or sell: Keep
I'm a sucker for anything in this hue, so I bought this one for myself. It's a larger size than I usually wear, but I'm hopeful I can make it work (I haven't actually worn it yet!)
Good or bad buy: Jury is still out, but hoping it will be a good buy

Colorful striped sundress

Keep or sell: Sell
Total Modcloth vibes from this pretty sundress! I love the colors, the pleats and the shaped bodice. This one is in the 4/6 size range.
Good or bad buy: Good buy for spring consignment

Adrianna Papell sheath dress with lace insets

Keep or sell: Sell
This dress is so chic and pretty! If it were my size (I think it's in the 0/2 range), I would totally try to at least model this once to see if I could pull it off.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — another one for the "spring consignment" stash

Vintage German peasant skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
I'm not being metaphorical here with the "German" descriptor — the tag is actually in German. This skirt totally gives me heart eyes — my only regret is that I missed out on its twin, which someone beat me to.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's in my "to list" pile right now (yes, there is a pile)

Vintage white Converse

Keep or sell: Sell
A good rule of thumb is, if you find a pair of Converse that say "Made in the U.S.A.," buy them. Even if they're in kind of lousy shape, like these ones, you will probably find someone who will buy them.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Overall grade: B

There's not a lot of instant gratification in this shopping trip, but I think it was all money well spent — with the possible exception of that yellow top, which I'm afraid will languish in my closet. As always, if you see something you're interested in, leave a comment below or email me


  1. I've got heart eyes for that German skirt, too!

    1. Isn't it pretty? It's so perfect for fall. I may have to try it on (just to model it, of course ...) :)


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