Thrift Audit: Sept. 19, rummage sale

OK, so, despite what I said in my last post, I clearly had embraced fall when I went on this shopping trip.

Total spent: $2
Items purchased: 5
Cost per item: $0.40

I hustled up to a rummage sale in a nearby town and found ... not a lot that I liked. So this was kind of one of those "I'm gonna buy some stuff just because I'm here" situations, which I try to avoid. But you never know; sometimes I put stuff away for a little while and get it back out again and love it.

Vintage Roebucks fleece-lined denim vest

Keep or sell: Sell
Going to try to hold myself back from using "lumbersexual" as a keyword when I list this on Etsy. Or, I mean, can I? I don't even know
Good or bad buy: Good buy? I feel like this is a classic/staple piece in its own right, if not one that everyone has in their closet.

Ellen Tracy oatmeal wrap sweater

Keep or sell: Keep
Cardigans are the darnedest thing. Every few years I feel like getting rid of all of them and buying new ones in a different length. Last year I was all about cropped cardigans and this year I want them all to be super long. I grabbed this on a whim at the rummage sale and, a month later, it's totally become a staple of my fall wardrobe (as seen here).
Good or bad buy: Good buy. It's wool, it has pockets, I absolutely love it even though it's shapeless as anything.

Vintage men's Western shirt

Keep or sell: ??
I gotta let my husband try this on before I sell it. It's pretty perfect — it's hard to see, but there's a subtle gold thread in the plaid.
Good or bad buy: Mediocre buy. I kind of hope my husband takes it because I have trouble selling staple/basics like this.

Vintage plaid blouse

Keep or sell: ??
I'm definitely trying this one on, because I love these colors and I could see this as being the perfect top to throw on when it's a zillion degrees in the summer.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, although if it doesn't fit, I'll have to wait until next season to sell it

Vintage suede purse with kiss lock

Keep or sell: Sell
This was sort of the saving grace of the whole trip. It's a cute, pretty little handbag in super soft suede
Good or bad buy: Good buy (see the Etsy listing here)

Overall grade: B-

I can't even do the "keep vs. sell" math because I'm still waffling on a few of these items. But suffice to say, this trip isn't going to be a big money maker for me. If I can just sell the purse, though, I can cover any losses I may have. As always, if you see anything you're interested in, feel free to ask for details or make an offer.


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