Nerd Chic: Navy sweater + red skinnies ... and glasses

My relationship to glasses has long been a tortured one.

I got my first pair right around the time I turned 5 — the summer before kindergarten. I hated them immediately, but I couldn't deny that they were essential. I remember pressing my nose to the window of the car as we drove home, amazed at the fact that I could make out individual blades of grass on the lawns we passed by.

But having glasses was, in my mind, not cool. And being cool was already pretty well out of reach for a kid whose No. 1 hobby was reading. In grade school, my nickname at one point was "The Walking Dictionary." And I had a bus driver who was fond of reminding me that "Guys don't make passes at girls wearing glasses." So when I was about 9 years old, I began my campaign for contact lenses. And somehow, I was successful. I started junior high glasses-free, convinced that this would be the key to convincing everyone that I was NOT a nerd.

Junior high being what it is, it didn't quite work out that way. But I still hated wearing my glasses. In high school and college, on the few occasions when I lost a contact or couldn't wear my lenses for one reason or another, I would grumble all day with my glasses on, feeling awkward and unattractive.

It's a little different now, though. Glasses are cool. (I am not sure when exactly this happened, but it was clearly some time after I left junior high.) So when it came time to pick out a new set of frames (because my daughter stepped on my old glasses and literally crushed them), I decided to go big. These photos were taken months ago, right after I got them, because it has taken me this long to get used to how they look and to decide how I feel about them. I probably will never love wearing glasses, but at least I no longer feel like that awkward 8-year-old hiding at the back of the school bus. I feel ... just a little bit cool. And if anyone wants to call me a nerd, I'm OK with that.

Sweater: Zara (clothing swap)
Faux pearls: gift
Checked shirt: St. John's Bay
Red skinnies: Gap (thrifted)
Black heels: thrifted
Total cost to me: About $18


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