Thrift Audit: Oct. 2, rummage sale

Even veteran thrifters such as myself have our off days. And this was definitely of one of them.

Total spent: $12
Items purchased: 12
Cost per item: $1

Vintage turquoise polka dot dress

Keep or sell: Sell
This dress seemed like an obvious good buy at first — until I got it home and realized it was stained. A couple washes with Fels-Naptha soap and it's all cleaned up, thank goodness.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage sweater and lounge pants set

Keep or sell: Sell
I have genuinely never seen anything quite like this. The sweater looks, to me, fairly dressy (with the bow detail in the front and all) but it is accompanied with a pair of casual knit pants that are, let's face it, basically sweatpants. I honestly think this set is pretty genius and could totally see my maternal grandmother rocking something similar (she was a big fan of the double-knit polyester pants suit). So if you feel like elevating your sweatpant game, consider this set!
Good or bad buy: I honestly don't know if anyone will want to buy it, but it is intriguing. If it doesn't sell, I'm keeping the sweater!

Pair of vintage silk scarves

Keep or sell: Sell
The one on the left caught me with its pretty mod pattern of interlocking circles, and the one on the right (not that you can see it) is a Vera, so I figured what the heck.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, although for some reason I NEVER actually get around to photographing scarves and other accessories.

Vintage plaid skirt with leather buttons

Keep or sell: Sell ... ?
This skirt is basically perfect. I love the color palette (maroon and gray 4evah), the pockets and the side buttons. So I'm basically not allowing myself to try it on, because if it fits, I will not be able to bring myself to sell it
Good or bad buy: Good buy! Although I kind of missed the fall window for plaid skirts, huh? I am moving so slow this season with new listings, it's kinda depressing.

Pink and white striped cotton Jantzen sweater

Keep or sell: Donate
Such a disappointment! I glanced at this, saw the Jantzen label and thought it was vintage from the 1980s or 90s, but when I got it home and took a closer look, I had doubts. No matter, I thought; I could sell it on consignment. But after a trip through the wash, I noticed the sweater was speckled with faint (but unmistakable) pale pink splotches and stains. Arrrggghhh. So I cut my losses and packed it off to the Salvation Army. :(
Good or bad buy: Bad buy!

Vintage oversized wool scarf 

Keep or sell: Sell
I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I was ready to try to market this as a blanket scarf, until I tried it on and realized it is not even close to being big enough to be considered a blanket scarf. In fact it's just a regular scarf, just super wide. Sigh.
Good or bad buy: Meh. It's still pretty but it's nothing special.

Vintage peach nightie

Keep or sell: ??
I am thinking seriously about keeping this little number, because I literally do not own anything that could be considered "lingerie" (other than, like, bras and underwear, the vast majority of which are downright utilitarian).
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think. If I decide not to keep it, I'm reasonably sure I can sell it

Vintage children's Minnetonka moccasins

Keep or sell: Sell
I thought (very) briefly about keeping these for my daughter to grow into, but then I remembered how I let her wear slip-on shoes all summer and she was always complaining about how her feet and legs hurt. So basically I'm going to make her wear sneakers for the rest of her young life, and some other carefree kid can enjoy these awesome moccasins.
Good or bad buy: Good buy! They are in great shape and, you know, Minnetonkas. 

Deadstock vintage floral fabric

Keep or sell: Sell
Few things excite me at a rummage sale like deadstock fabric, especially when it is a CRAZY print like this one. Bonus, I don't have to measure it because the measurements are right here on this tag :)
Good or bad buy: Good buy. Wouldn't it make a terrific summer dress? 

Vintage white cotton sheet

Keep or sell: Keep
This one was from the free pile. A perfectly good white sheet! I am planning to hang onto it in case I ever need to make a muslin of something I'm sewing (which I may do for the quilted jacket I'm scheming on).
Good or bad buy: Considering it was free, I'm calling this one a good "buy"

Vintage red geometric print skirt

Keep or sell: Keep
Wacky prints, I can't quit you. This is home-sewn out of a pretty average poly-cotton blend fabric, but I just like it. White blouse + yellow shoes + this and I will be feeling fine.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, although, being honest, I will probably wear it 2-3 times and then forget about it. So maybe not. 

Overall grade: C

Keep/sell ratio: 

Keep 25% / Sell 75%

Let's be honest, there's not much here that's truly great — at least, not great enough to justify what I spent on it. I've got things I don't really need, things I'm not sure if I can sell and a few complete misses. This was the sale that made me swear off rummage sales for the forseeable future ... but you'll see in the coming weeks that I didn't exactly stick to that plan.

But it's not all bad news! I'm having a big sale in my Etsy shop — you can save 40% off any order of $10 or more with coupon code INDIESBSSALE. So if there's an item you've had your eye on, or if you want to load up on sale goodies, please check it out! This sale ends Dec. 1, though, so don't wait. 


  1. Love that plaid skirt! Super cute! I just did my first intentional vintage haul at a local megathrift store -- bunch of 80s-does-40s for under $15. First thought was "Heh! I could do a thrift audit like Bread and Roses Vintage..."

  2. I totally am missing my window for all the seasonal listings, too, and I have given up caring. I read somewhere that it's good to keep a variety of garments in your shop, season wise, because people on the other side of the world are experiencing a completely different season than you and may just be looking for that summer dress while it's dead of winter for you. SO... I kinda don't do seasonal listing.

    1. I probably shouldn't over-think it so much! It's more just like, I was stockpiling all this stuff for so long saying "I'm gonna list this in the fall" and suddenly boom it's December. It just makes me feel like I'm falling behind because I'm buying so much (SO MUCH) and I can't keep up with listing it. I have to have SOME way to organize what I want to list first or I would just go crazy!


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