Secret Santa Unboxing

I participated in a Secret Santa gift swap with the Shaped by Style ladies this holiday season, and I was super excited to get this package from our newest member, Justine of The Thrifty Girl's Guide.

Justine is practically my neighbor, because she lives up in Rochester. She sent me an AMAZING jar of homemade vanilla lip scrub, which I am extremely excited about, since it is officially winter here, which means constant dry skin. 

And she included the sweetest note about how excited she is to be part of Shaped by Style (which, I am too! It has been terrific getting to know these women, and I'm excited to get to know Justine better too). 

And, if that wasn't enough, Justine included three pieces of fabric!

I love the colors and textures of each of these and am already scheming about how to use them. I just recently thrifted some chocolate brown and ivory silk, either of which I think would look awesome with these new fabrics! Thanks, Justine, for these thoughtful and awesome gifts! You can see all the Secret Santa gifts on Shaped by Style later this week. As for me, I'll be taking a little time off the blog, probably until after the new year, as I have family coming in to town right after Christmas. So I wish all of you happy holidays, and joy and love for the new year! See you in 2016 ... 


  1. Emily!! I'm so glad you liked the gifts, neighbor ;) I was hoping you would like the fabric! Merry Christmas!


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