Thrift Audit: Unknown rummage sale

I'm going to level with you guys — I literally don't remember this rummage sale.

I mean, I have a dim memory of stuffing a plaid skirt and some dubious fabric into a paper bag ... but that's about all I got.

Items purchased: 9
Total spent: $1?
Cost per item: $0.11

Small remnant of blue gingham fabric

Keep or sell: Keep
I thought this was actual yardage, but it's really a weird remnant piece. I'll probably use it to make my daughter a dress.
Good or bad buy: Meh.

Vintage blue dress with shawl collar

Keep or sell: Sell
Nothing too flashy here, but it's a nice soft knit and, hey, at least the belt is still with it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Deadstock vintage fabric with tiny floral print

Keep or sell: Sell
This print is not really my jam, but I was excited to see the original retail label pinned on to it. It feels like cotton, but the tag reads something mysterious that looks like "Ru Des Res." Any guesses as to what that could?
Good or bad buy: Good buy, even if I have to guess at the fiber content. It's still pretty!

Vintage plaid skirt with matching belt

Keep or sell: Sell
I was pretty charmed by this little skirt, which has a leather-covered button on the belt. The colors seem really 70s in the best possible way.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

LL Bean corduroy trousers

Keep or sell: Sell
There is a small chance that these are vintage, but I took them to consignment because I can't be sure. I love the rich raspberry color and thought it would be a good bet right before the holidays.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Corduroy women's tuxedo shirt

Keep or sell: Sell
This is the softest pinwale corduroy in the world! It's not really my color/style, or else I would have been tempted to keep it, just because it looked so soft and comfy (it looked a lot nicer after a wash, too). Instead, it's at the consignment shop now.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage 80s-does-40s cardigan

Keep or sell: Sell
I really love the drama of this cardigan, which has padded shoulders and full sleeves. Plus it's really soft and comfortable. I modeled it a few weeks ago and have got to get it measured and listed soon!
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Black and white plaid skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
A workwear staple, a few sizes too big for me, so off to consignment it goes
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Bronze leather purse

Keep or sell: Sell
As I said a few weeks ago, I know nothing about handbags. But this one appeared very clean and in good condition, so for 11 cents I decided to take a chance on it. It's at the consignment store now.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think?

Overall grade: A-

I'm only keeping one item, and there are no real duds here — just a few less-than-stellar items that may prove hard to sell. But overall a good outing. I'll have a few more thrift audits over the next couple weeks, but I think after the first of the year, I'll be doing something else with my Saturday posts. Anything you guys would like to see in this space (tutorials, interviews, etc.)?


  1. I love a good mystery sale!

    That blue dress reminds me of one I sold in my Etsy shop awhile back. I couldn't fully appreciate how basic it was but the buyer was thrilled to have found it. To each his own!

    Oh and that little 80s-does-40s cardigan is cute. Is it made with a glitter thread? I could totally see it at some classy work party in the 80s. And now that makes me want to go watch some of my old movies.. BRB!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    1. No glitter, I'm afraid, but the cardigan is still pretty fab! I feel like it's a good neutral color that could go with anything.

      I definitely feel like I have trouble selling more "plain" clothes, but maybe that's just because I've staked my claim on crazy prints ... but you never know!


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