Winning at Sewing: Mod floral dress

I didn't really mean to make this dress ... it just kind of happened.

First, I got this pattern (Simplicity 5825, at lower left) among several other 1960s dress patterns that were my size (or close to it) at a rummage sale.

Then, I found this amazing vintage fabric at another rummage sale and just fell in love with it. I knew right away I wasn't going to sell it, because the colors and the print were just too dreamy.

And the pattern and the fabric sat on the shelf together for a few months. But every time I looked at the fabric, I thought of the pattern. And every time I picked up the pattern, I thought of the fabric. It was meant to be. I had to do it! So even though I had just listed this pattern for sale in my Etsy shop, I pulled it down from the shelf a few weeks ago and started cutting out the fabric.

This dress was definitely a sewing challenge, if only for a few reasons.

For one, I thought I knew better than the designers and ignored the instructions to add shaping darts to the front of the bodice, instead opting to do a Frankenstein job of shaping the side seams. This proved to be a total disaster and sent me running for the seam ripper.

Then there was the collar and facing. I swear I pinned and re-pinned and re-pinned it 10,000 times. I was trying SO hard to get it all to fit together just right. And I still wound up with wonkiness at the front. Sigh.

But, at least the whole thing lays flat and is mostly symmetrical. (Small victories.) And since I couldn't find the white fabric I wanted to use to sew a bow for it, I just added this tie for now.

I also did the zipper three times and am still not entirely satisfied with how it looks, either, but it at least enables me to take the dress on and off (it is preeeetty tight going over the hips).

This dress is definitely not a cut that I would normally gravitate toward, but I'm happy with the finished product, which came out almost exactly as I had envisioned it (minus the wonkiness at the neckline). So I'm calling this one a win! (Why do I have crazy eyes in this picture?)

It was great timing that I finished this dress last week, because as I mentioned in my last post, I'm doing a fashion challenge with a friend, and this week's prompt was all about pastels! Follow along on Instagram, and if you join in, you can win some sweet prizes.

Fabric: Vintage, $3.50
Pattern: Vintage, $0.50
Notions (zipper, thread): +/- $1
Total cost: About $5


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