The Little Things: Camel Sweater + Green Skinnies

Working night shifts for a week does funny things to my fashion sense.

At the beginning of the week, I'm ambitious, trying to craft an outfit that will be work-appropriate but still not too uncomfortable or elaborate.

But by about Wednesday I've got this face on, which is basically saying "I've barely slept for 4 days and I just want to look halfway alive." Fortunately, I have done this enough times by now that I have a basic formula pretty much down.

- Soft T-shirt
- Jeggings
- Slouchy (i.e. comfy) cardigan
- Bright colored scarf
- Booties or other slip-on shoes

Granted, it would have been better if this sweater actually had all its buttons ... but I still kinda love it. It's the perfect chunky knit, and buttoned up, I feel like it has a kind of retro vibe that I love. What's your formula for those days when you have no energy but still have to look presentable?

Whole outfit thrifted, except the boots, which were gifted
Total cost to me: About $6


  1. No formula for looking presentable, I'm afraid - but my formula for a missing buttonin the middle and no spare is to use the top one, which I never close anyway and seems to me could just be beyond the row anyway. Or if I do still want the top one, I replace that with an obviously different one, as embellishment...or, just occasionally, replace the missing middle one with the bottom one, and place a nearly the and one at the bottom - figuring that being further away from people's eyes, the slight difference will be less obvious? Phew, didn't ralisei had so much to say about missing buttons!
    Love your formula, however. And I was also wearing bright green jeggings for bravery today - having gone out & having got dressed for the first time in 120 hrs! (Flu).

    1. Yes, that is a great plan for missing buttons! I am definitely going to make the switch before the next time I wear it. (Probably.)

      Green jeggings for the win! Glad you are feeling better!


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