Thrift Audit: Salvation Army, Feb. 8

So for a while I was all, "I'm not doing thrift audits anymore!" and then I realized that was crazy talk.

I love them, you love them (they are typically my most popular posts) and I honestly do think it's good for me to put all this stuff out in the open rather than stuffing it in a (literal or metaphorical) dark hole in my closet. It's good to be accountable. So, thrift audits are back! And for my first one of 2016, I went back to my old standby, 49-cent day at the Salvation Army.

Total spent: $10.02
Number of items: 15
Cost per item: $0.67

L.L. Bean khaki pinstripe blazer

Keep or sell: Sell
This is the sort of thing I would have bought back when I started at my current job and was sort of feverishly trying to build a professional-looking wardrobe. It's a nice-looking jacket, but just not really my style. But I'm hoping it's someone else's!
Good or bad buy: Good buy — off to the consignment shop it goes (they are accepting spring and summer items now, which is my favorite early sign that winter may one day end)

Electric blue skinny trousers

Keep or sell: Keep
I pulled these off the rack meaning to try them on, since finding pants that fit is very tough for me. But then I entered some sort of fugue state, and the next thing I knew I had a cart full of stuff and was headed for the checkout counter.
Good or bad buy: I got lucky, and they fit, so this is a good buy

Oversized blue flowered silk scarf

Keep or sell: Sell
I have had a really bad track record of buying pretty scarves with the intention of selling them, and then letting them sit around for a zillion years (see pretty much any thrift audit featuring scarves). So I'm inordinately proud that I actually listed this one!
Good or bad buy: Good buy — the print/color combo is just so pretty.

Gap khakis

Keep or sell: Sell
Pants like this are a thrift-to-consignment staple for me. My theory is that people shopping at consignment stores are often looking for a deal on "basics." I actually have to force myself to wade through the racks of same-looking trousers, but when I do, it always pays off.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage red and black silk skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
When I went into the thrift store, I told myself, "OK, I'm NOT going to buy any vintage, because I already have a huge backlog for the shop. I'm JUST going to buy stuff I can sell on consignment." But ... it's silk! So I bought it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, if I can ever get around to listing it

Vintage midcentury wool coat

Keep or sell: Sell (in the shop now)
I have a weakness for coats in general, and coats of this era in particular. This one intrigued me all the more because a) it had a label for The Gorton Coy of Elmira, which was an unfamiliar name but which I have since discovered was an upscale department store chain; and b) the label is sewn in upside down!
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think. It's really pretty but I have trouble selling coats, in part I think because the shipping can be costly

Ann Taylor leopard print skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
This is a nice polished cotton in really good condition — I'm hoping to have it off to the consignment store right away.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Olive drab Gap capris

Keep or sell: Sell
I know these are not exactly on-trend, but these are the kind of pants I would wear all the time on summer weekends if I had a pair in my size. These ones are headed to the consignment store.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I hope. They're a little broken-in, hopefully not too worn for re-sale.

Talbots textured blazer

Keep or sell: Sell
I ignored Talbots stuff at the thrift store for a long time, but a woman at one of my local consignment stores recently mentioned that it was a brand she sells a lot of. So I snapped this up and I'm taking it to her this week.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Red velvet skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
Holding on to this one for fall. Wouldn't it be a great holiday skirt, with some black tights? I'm tempted to keep it just because a) red and b) velvet, but I never wear this style of skirt, so it would just sit in my closet.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage kids' whale-motif hat with pompom

Keep or sell: Sell
I didn't realize this was a child's size at first — I was thinking more hipster — but it's still adorable, so I'm hoping I can still sell it
Good or bad buy: OK buy. Would have been better if it were an adult size!

Kids' T-strap shoes

Keep or sell: Keep
For my daughter. They're shabby looking but I definitely don't care — they're Stride-Rite and I'm sure she'll get a lot of good wear out of them.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage sewing patterns

Keep or sell: Sell
It's been a long time since I saw any sewing patterns at my local thrift store, so this was exciting. I would totally keep the shirtwaist in the center if it were my size, and possibly the McCall's / Halston pattern too, but neither one will fit me, so it's off to the shop they go. Unfortunately now I have to embark on the extremely tedious process of looking through each one to make sure all the pattern pieces are there, which is possibly my least favorite task ever.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — these were all on sale so they were even cheaper than marked.

Overall grade: A-
Keep / sell ratio: 
20% keep / 80% sell

This was a good outing. I didn't spend too much overall or too much per item; I stuck (mostly) to my mission of buying things for consignment; and there are a few finds here that I'm really happy about. It may be a few weeks before I do another thrift audit, but I hope you enjoyed this one! As always, if you see anything you like, feel free to get in touch and make me an offer.


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