Flattery Will Get You Nowhere: Pink Cardigan + Purple Trousers + Leopard Flats

Sometimes my reality doesn't live up to my fantasy — and sometimes that's just fine.

When I first looked at this outfit, I thought, "Oh, it isn't very flattering," and I started to get changed into something else. But I stopped, and looked again. 

This one outfit made me realize what a high premium I put on clothes that I find "flattering." And suddenly it seemed like a pretty insignificant thing to be focused on.  

I'll be totally honest — the above picture was my desperate attempt to find a pose where I felt like this outfit did look "flattering." It's kind of ridiculous. 

There are enough other things for me to like about what I'm wearing here that I don't need to worry about whether my tummy looks big, or my legs look short. I like the Easter egg colors, the soft scarf, and you know what else? I was comfortable

The road to body positivity is a long one, for me, but I'm walking it all the same. And today that meant wearing purple pants, a yellow top, a pink cardigan, a mint scarf and leopard flats with pink bows, and loving every minute of it. 

All thrifted
Total cost to me: About $6


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