Green Sleeves: Plaid Midi Dress + Olive Wedges

For someone who claims green is her favorite color, I sure don't have much of it in my wardrobe.

I was looking back on my St. Patrick's Day outfits from the last couple years (you can see them here, and here), and realized that I haven't added much green — and, in fact, I've subtracted some — since I posted those looks.

In fact, my initial look included the green polka dot shirt from my 2014 post, and the green vest I wore last year. But I'm all about comfort this week, so I fell back on this soft flannel shirt dress that, I'll be honest, I rarely wear because it looks lousy unless I iron it.

As I have noted before, I am not remotely Irish and don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in any meaningful sense. But I like theme dressing, so here we are.

Explaining this stuff to my 4-year-old is tough. Explaining holidays, and traditions, and cultural norms, to a 4-year-old is tough. Sometimes I get really into it and find it really rewarding, and other times it's really confusing and draining and seems treacherous. So pretty much it's like every other aspect of parenting, in a nutshell.

Entire outfit thrifted (all but shoes are vintage)
Total cost to me: About $12


  1. Haha, I can't wait to get to explaining holidays to my kids. It'll be interesting for sure! At least we are a little Irish, so I can tell them all about that, although I will be sure to include the ACTUAL historical reasons for St. Patrick's day and not the modern holiday traditions. Because like... those two things are so different.

    I love that dress! But man, I definitely have some garments that look crap unless I iron them every time I wear them, so I avoid wearing them.

    1. My mom was so good at patiently explaining all the holidays to me as a kid! Without even the benefit of being able to sneakily google it on her phone, as I have been known to do, haha. I am the worst because I don't know much Irish history and can't even really explain the history behind it. So I basically just told her ... we don't really celebrate it, but many people do :) Which is true but was also sort of a dodge.

      This dress is SO comfy, but it seriously looks like an old rumpled bedsheet when it comes out of the dryer :( I actually enjoy ironing but have trouble finding the time to ever do it! So those clothes that need ironing just get pushed aside.


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