Outtakes: From the Cutting-Room Floor

Every now and then I shoot a few outfit pictures that just never make it into a post. Here are some of my favorite shots that haven't been on the blog until now:

I took these two photos while modeling a dress from my Etsy shop. These are actually some of my favorite shots I've ever taken of myself, but there aren't any more from this shoot! I don't remember if the others just didn't come out, or if I didn't take anymore, but I regret not getting a few more pictures from this day.

I did a little photo shoot outside my office, but the color balance came out crazy, and most of the photos were duds. This was one of the first (and only) times I tried doing victory rolls, which reminded me of the fact that my hair will jump at any chance to be huge, and that it takes great fortitude to restrain it.

I added knee-high boots and a head scarf to liven up this otherwise unremarkable outfit of polka dot skinnies and a turtleneck with a bit of mod flair. Unfortunately most of the shots I got did not turn out well, but I liked these two.

I only managed to sneak in a few quick office-bathroom snaps of my outfit for the company Christmas party, but I was really happy with the look I put together (featuring a combination I had done before, as seen here).

Proof that I have actually worn this me-made dress more than once! I loved the way the red cardigan really brought out the richness of the colors in the stripes. I took like 50 photos trying to capture all the details (bow earrings, necklace, belt, etc.) but this was the best I got.

To see more of my outtakes, be sure to follow me on Instagram (there are also some bonus gratuitous kid shots, and lately I have a junk food theme going as well).


  1. LOVE the turtleneck & skinnies shot!! Great hair shows off your eyes!


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