Thrift Audit: Salvation Army, Feb. 29

Remember earlier this week when it was February? I am so over that month. But at least I got to close it out with a good thrift outing. And there's something different this time around, so read on:

Total spent: 
Items purchased: 11
Cost per item: $0.51

I recently decided to revive my long-dormant Instagram closet shop in partnership with my friend Jessica. She posted some items to kick us off a little bit ago, and I've decided to post all my thrift audit items there as well. So starting this week, you should be able to click through to buy anything in the thrift audit that's for sale via IG. The vintage items will move to Etsy (at higher prices) and the other items will go to consignment eventually, so if you see something you like, don't wait!

Ralph Lauren blazer, size 12

Keep or sell: Sold!
This blazer sold via IG before I could get this blog post up. Wouldn't it be perfect for an Easter outfit?
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Pink J. Crew alpaca / merino cardigan, size Small

Keep or sell: Sell
I just love the color of this sweater (again, I've got Easter on the brain) and the fuzzy texture. The buttons are really pretty, too.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think, even if we are at the tail end of winter

Vintage plaid skirt with matching belt (30" waist)

Keep or sell: Sell
I don't always have the best luck selling these sorts of bias-cut plaid skirts, but I genuinely can't resist them! This one is lined at the back.
Good or bad buy: OK buy — I have a feeling it will sit around for a while, but I love the colors.

Red knit Carolyn Taylor top, size Large

Keep or sell: Sell
This is a nice, soft, easy-to-wear (and maternity-friendly) knit top. Simple and inexpensive. I would live in this during the summer.
Good or bad buy: Not a bad buy. I don't expect to get a lot of money out of it, but it's worth a shot.

Olive green A-line Harve Benard skirt, size 10

Keep or sell: Sell
Tempted to keep this one, but I am definitely more drawn to full skirts these days, so I'm going to pass. This is a really nice skirt that would be a great piece for a professional wardrobe. It's fully lined with a side zip.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage skirt with mushroom applique, size Small/Medium

Keep or sell: Sell
Show me a 70s skirt with whimsical applique, and I will buy it. This one is in great shape. No size is listed; elastic waistband stretches from about 26"-32" easily, so I'd call it a size Small.
Good or bad buy: Good buy - I'm sure I can sell it on Etsy if no one bites on IG.

Izod olive green trousers, size 10

Keep or sell: Keep, probably
These look and feel like the perfect spring/summer weekend pants, although I predict I will end up cuffing them rather than wearing them long. If I don't like the fit, I'll probably just send them off to consignment.
Good or bad buy: OK buy

Gap gray pencil skirt, size 0

Keep or sell: Sell
Another good staple for any professional wardrobe. This is super lightweight wool fabric that can be worn year-round.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Houndstooth jacket with leather trim, size Small

Keep or sell: Sell
I really love this blazer / jacket, which is the perfect balance of soft and hard. The fabric has a soft, almost plush-like texture, and the leather is really buttery, which makes it comfortable to wear, but it also has great structure.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Tribal print dress with side slits, size Medium

Keep or sell: Sell
I totally picture this dress (which buttons up the front) worn open over cutoffs and a tank top, with moccasin boots. You know?
Good or bad buy: Good buy - I am sure I can sell it on consignment if it doesn't sell on IG

NY&Co. wrap top, size XS

Keep or sell: Sell
So. photographing slinky wrap tops on the hanger is HARD. And I was too lazy to haul out the dress form to put it on, so it wound up looking kinda crooked. But, all that notwithstanding, this is a pretty little top (which would actually pair nicely with the gray pencil skirt above). I love the double flutter sleeves, and the sort of abstracted windowpane check.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Overall grade: A
Keep / sell ratio: 
10% keep / 90% sell

This is one of the best outings I've had in a while. I really don't feel like I made any missteps, and I'm excited about being able to list EVERYTHING right away. I'll be updating the closet shop again next weekend with some items from my last closet cleanout, so be sure to check back via IG.


  1. I love that you are going to be selling your thrift haul items over IG! What a great idea. That mushroom skirt might need to be mine...

    1. It is pretty darned awesome! I have to take measurements and add them to the IG listing, I have had a few inquiries. So if you're really interested, let me know!

  2. I would 100% buy that mushroom skirt if the hip is wide enough for me and if Justine doesn't go for it first! Seriously. (I just commented on IG before I saw the waist measurement here.) I am a 46-47" hip right now. I LOVE IT.

    Anyway. I went straight to your IG before I even got TO the skirt in the post, all because I saw it in the thumbnails! Haha! This is a great haul!

    1. I will measure it in the morning and tag you on IG when the listing is updated!


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