Thrift Audit: Salvation Army, March 5

There's nothing like a family outing to the local thrift store. Even when your 4-year-old gets bored and starts laying around on the floor, or running away from you laughing while you shout, "Get back here!"

As with last week's thrift audit, all items marked "sell" are available to be purchased via Instagram (click the item title for a link). I'm going to keep items in the IG shop for at least a week after they're posted, at which time vintage items may migrate to Etsy (at higher prices) and newer merchandise will to go consignment if it's in season. So if you are interested or have questions, let me know right away! I also posted a few other items from my own closet, so I hope you'll give it a look.

Items purchased: 8
Total spent: $6.42
Cost per item: $0.80

Yellow and white Banana Republic XL cardigan

Keep or sell: Sell
When you've been thrifting for a while, items of quality jump out at you from the sales rack. This one definitely did. It also screamed "Easter" to me, so I grabbed it and made sure to list it on Instagram right away.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Hot pink cardigan with ruched sleeves

Keep or sell: Keep
I got a hot pink cardigan in a clothing swap several years back that I wore until it fell apart. I've been missing it ever since. I love the cut of this one and can't wait to wear it.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage (?) embroidered white cotton blouse

Keep or sell: Keep
This top has at least two strikes against it: 1) It has a big hole under one of the arms (when will I learn? When?). 2) It has no tags of any kind, and I really can't be sure if it's vintage. So it looks like I'm keeping it. Onto the Mending Mountain (it's way beyond a pile) it goes.
Good or bad buy: Bad buy

Vintage stretch velvet/velour fabric (about 2.5 yards)

Keep or sell: ???
I am oddly smitten with this fabric, which is a nice stretchy velour knit with a very short pile — almost more like a stretch faux suede than the sort of thick, plush velour I associate with the 70s. I have utterly no idea what I would do with this fabric, but I want to keep it anyway. So I may. We'll see.
Good or bad buy: I'm calling this one good even though I don't have a plan, because I kind of love it.

Mudd floral print jeans, juniors' size 9

Keep or sell: Sell
These jeans are breaking my heart right now, because I had every intention of keeping them, thinking they were a women's size 9 and not juniors'. The dream died when I couldn't even get the jeans over my thighs (let alone hips). Sigh.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — they're pretty darned cute, and I'm sure they will be a good fit for someone.

Vintage floral cocktail dress, size S/M

Keep or sell: Sell
Isn't this dress divine? I love the shaping of it — the bodice has boning, and the hips have these deep pleats that wrap around the pockets (yes, pockets!), plus the back panel is elasticized and there's a side zip to make it really hug the waist. It's made in France which for some reason makes me feel like it's fancy.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage Indian cotton jumpsuit, size Small

Keep or sell: Sell
I've been stalking this one for a few weeks, but I thought it was a dress. I literally gasped when I got it home and saw that it was a jumpsuit! It's so cute and pretty, I feel like you could just live in this all summer.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Khaki Banana Republic knit dress, size 0

Keep or sell: Sell
This is a tricky little dress. At first, you just think, oh, it's a simple knit dress that you throw on when you don't want to bother with anything too fancy. But the fit of the bodice is really nice, and it's got a hidden zip on the side. And the micropleated skirt has a great drape to it. I would wear the shit out of this if I were a size 0!
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Overall grade: B+
Keep / sell ratio: 
Keep 37% / Sell 63%

So, not my ideal keep / sell ratio. I have no shame about the pink cardigan, but that cotton blouse obviously was not a wise purchase. And the fabric — well, I may just hang onto it until the urge fades, and then sell it, in which case I could call it a win (this is how things work in my world). Check back in next week for a thrift haul so massive that I had to break it into two parts (blazers, so many blazers!). And I'm hoping to freshen up my Etsy shop over this coming week with some new listings as well (can you tell I was off work this week?). Have a great weekend —


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