Winning at Sewing: Hex Knit Baby Quilt

I haven't showcased many finished knits on this blog, but this is one I'm extra proud of, since it also represents my first foray into any type of quilting.

After the last time I knit a baby blanket, I swore "never again," because it took me so darn long (I only knit for about 45 minutes/day, and I'm pretty slow) and I got super bored of the project by the time it was done. But I stumbled on a stitch pattern from an old stitch dictionary that I thought would be absolutely perfect for a baby blanket, so I decided to go for it.

Here's a close-up of the unblocked knitting — I used some dark gray yarn left over from a hat I knit years ago for the background color, and chose some other scrap yarns to coordinate with the colors of the baby's nursery. Slipped stitches in between the contrast colors creates hexagon shapes on each row. It had a pretty bumpy texture before it was blocked, but it smoothed out pretty nicely after I gave it a bath.

I blocked the living daylights out of it, because I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be waaaay too small to be a baby blanket. And what do you know, I was right. I set it aside for a day or two and started scheming. I had bought some polka dot flannel to use as a backing for the blanket. Did I have enough to add deep borders to make the whole thing a little bigger? Yes, I did.

I sandwiched a layer of cotton batting in between the flannel and the knit blanket, and just folded the corners over rather inelegantly. But I was pleased with the overall effect.

I did some hand-tying on the knitted part to hold everything together, taking care to bring the dark grey yarn through where it wouldn't show on the front side.

And after machine-stitching on a wide quilt binding, I was done!

It took me FOREVER to do this little project, but I really loved working on it, and I was really happy with how it turned out. It's definitely a little wonky (i.e. not quite square) and still on the small side, but I really love the geometric pattern, the soft polka dot border, and the different textures together.

I was so inspired by this process that I decided to create a quilted makeup bag for my sister for her Christmas present, and I'm hoping to share that as a tutorial here shortly. And I've decided to dive in to the quilted jacket project I've been dreaming about for ages — so far I'm still working on a muslin of the pattern that, if all goes well, will become the lining for the finished jacket. But it is taking forever, and I feel like I may need to sneak off and whip through a quick-and-dirty project like a simple gathered skirt, or something, just to keep my mojo going. You can follow along on Instagram to see how I am getting on with that and other endeavors.


  1. That design is so cool. I'll surely try to make this! I also do some sewing work in my span time .. Have a nice day!


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