Styled by The Outfit Repeater: Vintage Dress, Suede Vest + Platform Wedges

You know what the best thing about having someone else pick out your outfit? No second-guessing.

No running back to check the mirror one more time; no wondering if you should try a different pair of shoes or a new necklace. Nope, you just put it on and go. It's downright liberating. 

This outfit is brought to you by Hannah of The Outfit Repeater (you can see the outfit I styled for her here). I asked her to help me find something to wear with this black suede vest, which I've only worn once up until now. I have a problem sometimes where I think, "Oh, this is just what my wardrobe needs" and then the new "perfect" item just sits in my closet neglected. So it was great to have another set of eyes on it.

Hannah came up with a few great ideas, and we picked this one to showcase here today. I loved the outfit so much, I wore it to work that day! It is a combination I probably would not have come up with on my own, in part because I'm way too slavish to the whole "rule" about not mixing brown and black. But I love how it all came out. If you don't already follow Hannah, you must — her thrift haul videos are an inspiration, and she is always doing great projects like her recent Fashion Flashback series. Also I covet her green hair.

Anyway, I highly recommend letting someone else pick out your clothes, even if it's only for a day. (Remember that woman who let her toddler pick out her clothes for a week?) I still love this outfit Kristina chose for me in the fall. If any other bloggers out there want to do a style swap, I'm in!

All thrifted (dress is vintage)
Total cost to me: About $9


  1. I totally love this! It makes me wish I had all the pieces in my own closet to recreate it. haha

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    1. It was so fun swapping styles with you! We'll have to do it again soon.

  2. I love it! Hannah did an awesome job! That dress is SO pretty, and I'm kind of jealous of it. If you ever want to do another style session with me, I am so down for it!

    1. Yes, Hannah did awesome! I am probably going to try out the other two combinations she suggested at some point as well - I feel inspired! This dress was a real find, although it's pretty low quality so it will probably fall apart if I wear/wash it too much.

      I would love to style each other again! Let's plan something soon :)

  3. The plum tights with the dress. So perfect. I need this outfit! <3

    - Anna


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