A New Adventure: Print Top + Khakis ... and a 4-year-old

This post is in collaboration with Schoola. I was sent clothing in exchange for a blog post about their site and mission.

So, you guys, this is my first affiliate post. I've gotten a few emails here and there, but nothing has ever seemed like it fit with what I'm about. But when Schoola approached me about its Summer Adventure campaign, it was really serendipitous. You see, my husband and I decided a few weeks back to withdraw our daughter from preschool for the summer — partly to save a few bucks, partly to spend some more time with her. So I'm a few days away from a seriously major summer adventure of my own.

Schoola is an online consignment store that is built to help schools and education. You can read more about how it works here. According to the website, 40 percent of all sales go to help school programs in the U.S. and abroad (Schoola has also partnered with the Malala Fund to help bring education to girls in the Global South). The process is pretty simple, and similar to other online consignment stores — you fill a bag and mail it in (you can get yours here). The difference is, instead of getting back a few dollars for yourself, you can use your donations to raise money for a school in your community — or any school of your choice — through Schoola's fundraising program.

As far as shopping on Schoola goes, the prices are pretty similar to other online consignment stores, but I appreciate that they seem to offer a wide price range. I found many girls' and women's clothing selling on Schoola for less than $5, but they have a lot of very nice new-with-tags items from brands such as J. Crew, Boden, etc., at discounted prices.

Schoola sent some cute Gymboree and Old Navy tops for my daughter that were new with tags, as well as this pair of black capris. I got a cute Old Navy top, plus a terrific lightweight gray jacket that is definitely going to become a wardrobe staple, and some workout-type knit tops.

In our new schedule, I'm going to be spending mornings with my daughter, playing at playgrounds, going to the library or hanging out at home, then turning around and heading into work for the late afternoon and evening, so I am trying to scheme up outfits that can take me through all of this (in the summer heat, no less!) with some grace and aplomb.

I have often wondered how my style would change if I didn't work outside the home. Going to an office several days a week is a great excuse for things like buying heels and blazers, and I have to imagine my wardrobe would be completely different if I didn't have that office environment guiding me. I guess I am about to find out!

My posting may be a bit more sporadic this summer as I adapt to this new schedule and try to figure out how to fit everything in. I'm actually really excited about spending summer mornings with my daughter, exploring parks and nature trails and our own back yard. But I'm also terrified that it's going to be stressful, confusing and exhausting as my husband and I run back and forth between work and home, trying to make sure each of us can get our work done and that we are there for our girl. 

Wish us luck, you guys. It's going to be quite an adventure. Thanks to Schoola for the summer togs — and if you want to check out the site, you can use my referral link to earn some free cash to spend on the site. 


  1. Oh, I do wish you a wonderful summer! I usually love having my kids off school, I really enjoy being more in charge of our schedule and not having to play by the rules.

    1. Thank you! It is definitely going to be a new experience (she has been in day care since she was about 4 months old) but I am focusing on the positive aspects right now, and the freedom and flexibility is definitely one big plus.

  2. Oh have a fun summer! It's great that you can spend more time with your daughter; I wish I had a car so I could be doing the fun things you're doing with her. Asa LOVES the library.

    Also, Schoola is the best!

    Kristina | eyreeffect.com


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