Thrift Audit: Rummage sale + thrift shop, April 9

It's not that I haven't been thrifting, you guys. It's just been one of those ... years?

Total spent: $5
Items purchased: 13
Cost per item: $0.38

Girls' tanktop

Keep or sell: Keep
One of the toughest things about doing all this thrifting is that my daughter thinks she's gonna get to buy something everywhere we go. So I've been trying to steer her toward clothes, which she actually needs, as opposed to just adding to our collection of 9 million Beanie Babies.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it fits, and she likes it.

Vintage patterns

Keep or sell: Sell / toss
So disappointed that when I opened up the pattern on the left, I found there were only one or two pattern pieces in there! Fortunately, the one on the right is complete.
Good or bad buy: One out of two ain't bad at that price

Cranberry short-sleeved sweater

Keep or sell: Sell
I haven't had too much luck selling plain sweaters like this, but I just couldn't pass this one up. This is one of my favorite colors, and it's in good condition.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Lane Bryant psychedelic shift dress

Keep or sell: Sold
I totally assumed this was a home-sewn dress when I picked it up, but nope, there was a Lane Bryant tag tucked in there. I love the colors and print — I just sold this one and am shipping it out Monday!
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage rainbow striped skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
This skirt is one of those garments that reminds me how much a little simple but well thought-out embellishment can do. BRB buying a bunch of ribbon now ...
Good or bad buy: Good buy — it's in the shop now

Vintage pink silk gathered skirt

Keep or sell: Sell
As I've said before, if I see something silk, I buy it. Even more so when it's this dreamy pink pleated / gathered skirt that just seems perfect for summer. I have to get it pressed and get some better photos of it, then it's going into the shop
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Vintage striped sleeveless golf shirt

Keep or sell: Sell
OK, I know not everyone shares my love of golf shirts / polo shirts. But isn't this cute? I would love to wear this with a denim A-line skirt or high-waisted shorts and espadrilles. Who's with me?
Good or bad buy: I have a feeling it will prove hard to sell.

Vintage pink velvet hair ribbon

Keep or sell: Keep
This item right here pretty much summarizes why I love bag sales. When you can see something like this and just toss it into your bag without a moment's thought, it's a great feeling. So far my daughter and I have each worn it and we both love it. Yes, it's just a bit of velvet craft ribbon tied around an alligator clip. I don't care. It was 38 cents!
Good or bad buy: I am boldly calling this a "good buy"

Vintage purple ruffled blouse

Keep or sell: Sell
Oh, ruffles. You get me every time. That and the grape bubble gum color of this pretty top.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, I think? Surely I'm not the only one who goes weak over ruffles?

White lace tanktop

Keep or sell: Keep
Not much to see here — but I am constantly on the lookout for floaty tank tops that I can actually wear out in public because I DO. NOT. like wearing tight-fitting clothing in summer.
Good or bad buy: Good buy! This one is comfy enough to sleep in

Denim skirt with lace trim

Keep or sell: Sell
Not in terrific shape, but it's a cute denim skirt in a larger size, so I will give it a shot. Got to get it washed up and shop-ready before it is listed.
Good or bad buy: So-so.

Bandolino sling-back heels

Keep or sell: Sell
These are already at the consignment shop, so keep your fingers crossed for me. They looked nice and clean, and they were size 7 which I swear is the most popular size of shoes (although I am too lazy to confirm that) because it seems like every cute pair of shoes I find at thrift stores is size 7.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Overall grade: A-
Keep / sell ratio: 
25% keep / 75% sell

No real missteps here besides the pattern with missing pieces, and those are always a gamble anyway — I'm honestly surprised I don't run into this problem more often! And other than the indulgence of the bow barette, the items I'm keeping are going to be well-loved and much appreciated. 


  1. That ribbon skirt is so cute! Also the pink one. SO PRETTY. I love these posts. Also, I love the little change you did with your blog theme! It looks fantastic!

    Kristina |


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